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Accessing ThinkTel services has never been simpler


Please download the attached PDF to get our complete ThinkAccess document with logos, screen captures and jpeg images.

ThinkAccess is a suite of connectivity options which can be used to enable a broad range of ThinkTel services such as Business Internet, SIP Trunking, Hosted Lync, and Think365. When your business demands the highest level of control and quality, ThinkAccess provides those dedicated connections at “better-than-standard” levels.


Service Methodology

Services are offered via Internet, Public Exchange, On-Net/Off-Net and other private Networks



This option describes users reaching ThinkTel services through internet. Users access the internet through any ISP including DCL and ThinkTel via DSL/FTTN and Cable.

Public Exchange

This option provides you with the Layer 2 fabric (a shared VLAN), The IX is Ethernet-based and use IPv4 addresses provided by the internet exchange providers to connect with each other.


Off-Net Ethernet Access
This option provides you with direct connectivity from your location(s) to ThinkTel services. We offer a broad range of virtual circuit speeds terminated on 10, 100, or 1000Mbps Ethernet interfaces.

On-Net Ethernet Access
This option provides you with direct connectivity to our ThinkTel services from locations already connected to our network. We offer tailored virtual circuit speeds terminated on 100 or 1000Mbps Ethernet interfaces. The choice of how you connect to ThinkTel is yours.


Private Networks

This option provides you with direct connectivity to our ThinkTel services via provincial networks to deliver ultra-high speed services, including Internet access and SIP Trunking.


Coverage Map

Wide service availability in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia (For a service map please view the attached PDF)

(Please contact ThinkTel for availability in other areas).



ThinkTel is certified with 83 SIP compatible PBXs (contact us for a complete updated list)

Service and Support

ThinkTel’s knowledgeable Business Technical Support (BTS) staff are available 24/7/365 and ready to assist you with any situation. Along with our Professional Services team, ThinkTel will ensure that your services are running smoothly, with the best support network possible. Customers are also supported by an account management team and customer care agents, so whether you’ve got a general question or specific service requests, our entire team is here for you.


Contact your ThinkTel rep today and see how the reliability and simplicity of ThinkAccess can improve your system’s overall performance.

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