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I have an IP phone/ATA that I would like to peer to Thinktel. How do I do that?

These are the essential configuration values for your phone/ata will be:

1. The SIP username. This will be the 10 digit number we provide.

2. The SIP password. This password we will provide for you to register to our switch.

3. The SIP proxy. Set your phone/ata's SIP proxy to be: Coast) or Coast) (Setting the Outbound SIP Proxy is typically not needed)

4. Set the Registrations expiration (Time-out) to 3600.

These values should allow proper SIP registration and call flow assuming your local network handles with SIP properly.

If you have any issues please contact the support team. By email or by phone at 866-928-4465 Options 1-3-1.

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