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Local 10 Digit dialing

local 10 Digit dialing is a global policy that is supported by most province's in Canada.

Most carriers are already local 10 digit compliant. The deadline for national compliance is June 1st 2013.

Some carriers(i.e Sasktel) are still not yet complying with this mandate yet. For further information on 10 digit dialling from Sasktel please review

If you try to complete a call by dialing a 7 digit number via most carriers you will receive an error message like "The number you have dialed has not been recognized, please try again." or "Please hang up and place the call again with the area code followed by the 7 digit number you are calling"

If you are calling from a carrier that has not implemented the local 10 digit dialing. Calls should still complete to local numbers(Non long Distance) if you just dial the 7 digits of your ThinkTel number. If it is not completing please contact support. You can open a support ticket via or you can contact us by phone at 866-928-4465 Options 1-3-1

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