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Setting up Busy/Out of office messages

There are two ways to do this via a phone or Self-Care

VIA Phone

  1. Dial 98 from your phone (Or from another phone call your number and when you greeting is being played press the key)
  2. Enter your password
  3. Press 3 to update your Greeting Messages
  4. Press 5 to set your busy greeting or
    • Press 6 to set out of hours greeting.
  5. Then follow the prompts

    For a complete *98 layout guide

VIA Self-Care

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on the Settings Tab
  3. Click on Messages Sub Tab
  4. Expand Voice Mail Greetings
  5. Expand more options
  6. Check the box beside the greeting type you want to enable
  7. Click the corresponding edit/record
  8. Click on the record button (Red circle) to record your greeting
  9. Click on the play button (Blue triangle) to review your greeting

If you have any problems please contact the support department by email or by phone at 866-928-4465 options 1-3-1

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