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*98 and Self-Care passwords.

Our new Voice Mail service uses a password for our new Self-Care and a PIN for *98

Selfcare password

Must be at least 8 characters.

Must contain at least 1 upper case character.

Must contain at least 1 lower case character.

Must contain at least 1 special character [!@^#$%*_-+=? ].

Must contain at least 1 digit [0-9]

*98 PIN(From your ThinkTel phone)

Must be a minimum of 4 Digits

Can't repeat a digit 3 times.

Can't have 3 digits that increase or decrease by 1 in sequence.

Can't contain or match part of a telephone number associated with the account.

To change your password

Through Self-Careā€¦ Settings--> Account -->Security(You can also change your Call Services PIN used for access codes)

Through *98 -->4 Mailbox Settings-->3 Security--> 1 Pin

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