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Blocked International Destinations

As a measure to prevent fraud, Thinktel is blocking the following international destinations:


In order of country code

In order of Country

(224) Guinea

(231) Liberia

(232) Sierra Leone

(234) Nigeria

(239) Sao Tome

(242) Congo

(245) Guinea Bissau

(246) Diego Garcia

(252) Somalia

(263) Zimbabwe

(371) Latvia

(375) Belarus

(592) Guyana

(674) Nauru

(677) Solomon Islands

(682) Cook Islands

(688) Tuvalu Islands

(850) North Korea

(870) Inmarsat

(881) Iridium

(882) Thuraya & AceS



Cook Islands(682)

Diego Garcia(246)



Guinea Bissau(245)







North Korea(850)

Sao Tome(239)

Sierra Leone(232)

Solomon Islands(677)


Thuraya & AceS(882)

Tuvalu Islands(688)



We are unable to allow traffic to just some of the above premium destinations, we would have to allow them all.

If you want the above premium destinations allowed on your trunk/pilot please contact your sales rep.


You can also submit a support ticket to If the following steps are followed.

1.       The email must come from the admin email address in uControl.

2.       You must CC your account manager or Account Relations Manager in the email.

3.       You must state that you are aware that calls to these destinations are of a higher cost.

4.       That you are responsible for all charges on your trunk if we remove this restriction.


I hope this info was a help. If you have any further questions, please Let us know. You can contact your Account Manager or Account Relations Manager. You can also contact support at 866-928-4465 Options 1-3-1


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