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Using Lync Recording Player

Microsoft Lync 2010 Recording Player provides a rich viewing experience for the presenter who created the recording. With Lync Recording Player, you can access the audio, video, instant messaging (IM) conversations, application sharing, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, whiteboard, and polling portions of the Microsoft Lync 2010 recording just as they were experienced during the Microsoft Lync 2010 meeting or conversation. You can also hide any of these features so that you can focus on other parts of the Lync 2010 recording. With indexing, you can listen to a particular speaker or view specific content, and you can also access a list of attendees and download attachments.

In this article

  • Start Lync Recording Player
  • Use the playback controls

    Start Lync Recording Player

    You can open Lync Recording Player from within Microsoft Lync 2010 Recording Manager.

    Note To use Lync Recording Player to play back recordings, Lync 2010 must be installed.

  1. Open Lync Recording Manager by doing one of the following:

    • Click Start, click All Programs, click Microsoft Lync, and then click Microsoft Lync 2010 Recording Manager.
    • In the Lync main window, click Tools, and then click Recording Manager.

    Note If the Tools option is not visible, click the arrow next to the Options button (), and then click the Show Menu Bar.

  2. In Lync Recording Manager, click a recording, and then click Play. Lync Recording Player opens.

    Use the playback controls

    While playing a recording, use the following controls to control the playback or access various parts of the recording:

  • To show or hide the list of original meeting participants and attachments that were made available during the meeting, click the Information and Attachments button.

    • If an attachment is listed, you can browse to the file location by clicking Browse.
  • To navigate to a particular piece of shared content or a particular speaker, click the Content Sharing and People Speaking button to show or hide the index pane.

    • Under Index by Content Sharing, expand the type of content you want to view (for example, Whiteboard, Desktop, or Poll) by clicking the arrow to the left of it. The time indicators to the right of each content type show when during the meeting the content was displayed. You can click the specific instance that you want to view.
    • Under Index by People Speaking, expand the name of the speaker you want to hear by clicking the arrow to the left of the person’s name. The time indicators show when during the meeting that person was speaking. You can click the specific instance you want to listen to.
    • To control the playback, use the Play, Stop, Pause, and Resume buttons along the bottom of the player. To move forward or backward through the recording, click and drag the slider along the bottom of the player.
    • To control the sound, use the Volume slider and the Mute button at the bottom of the player.

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