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Set Lync recording options

Before you record a Microsoft Lync 2010 meeting or conversation, you can select the type of content that you want to include in the recording. You can set these options while the Lync 2010 meeting or conversation is in progress by opening Recording Options in the meeting or Conversation window.

In this article

  • Open Recording Options
  • Set Recording Options
  • Use Recording Manager

    Open Recording Options

    During the Lync 2010 meeting or conversation, you can open the Recording Options from within the meeting or conversation window.

  1. In a Lync meeting or Conversation window, in the menu bar, click Settings.

    Note If the Settings menu is not visible, click the More options button, and then click Show Menu Bar.

  2. Click Recording Options.

    Set Recording Options

  3. In the Lync - Recording Options dialog box, select the check boxes next to the types of content you want to include in your Lync 2010 recordings.

    Note If you plan to share a Windows Media version of the recording, you should be aware that if certain content in the original Lync 2010 session was very large in size (for example, a large whiteboard, a long instant messaging (IM) session, or dual monitor sharing), the content may be less readable in the finished video. Additionally, any ink messages in the instant messaging portion of the recording are usually truncated because of limited width in the finished video.

  4. Click OK.

    Use Recording Manager

    Use Microsoft Lync Recording Manager to manage the Lync 2010 conversations and meetings that you have recorded.

To open Recording Manager:

  • In the Lync - Recording Options dialog box, click Manage Recordings.

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