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Entone Kamai 500

Entone Kamai 500


Dimensions - N/A

Weight - N/A

Power consumption - N/A

Bandwidth needed - 5Mbps for HD, 1Mbps for SD

Analog Outputs - Mini DIN connector for composite/component video and stereo audio fan-out cable (included)

Digital Outputs - HDMI 1.4a

Output resolutions - 480i/480p/576i/576p/720p/1080i/1080p output formats (Service only pushes up to 720p for now despite device capability)

Wireless Networking Options - Internal 802.11n (2.4 GHz) Wi-Fi

USB: 2.0 Host Type A


DVR recording capacity (subject to capacity of the customer's external memory)

Standard Definition (2mbits/s) = 900mb/hour

High Definition (5mbits/s) = 2.25gigs/hour

STB hook up guide (comes in the Entone box): 



Entone Kamai Remote

Remote doesn't work with the STB

It is possible that a remote will no longer function with the STB. There is a simple fix to resync the remote: 

·        Tap the "STB" button once, 

·        Hold the "STB" button until the button flashes red. 

·        Release the "STB" button. 

·        Press the "REC" button 

The remote should now be working correctly.

In the event this fails and that the remote needs to be swapped, it is possible to use a USB keyboard to control the STB temporarily.

Register Remote to STB

·        note: need to be in front of ENTONE Set Top Box 

1. Press and hold for 10 seconds the “STB” button on remote while pressing “OK” button on the front of the ENTONE set top box. When releasing the “OK” button, the ENTONE set top box front panel will display “RC REG” to indicate registration mode. The “STB” button will stay lit once the button is released. 
2. Press “STB” once. The “STB” & “AUX” buttons will light to indicate that the remote control is in registration mode. 
• Register the #1 Remote by pressing 1 on the remote. 
• The “STB” button will blink twice to indicate the registration process was successful. 
• Register each remote in the same manner. 
• Press “2” on the #2 remote to register and press “3” on the #3 remote to register. 


Programming Universal Remote function

Manually Program to TV or device

·        note: need to be in front of specific TV: 

1. Turn on TV and tune to correct channel.
2. Press “TV”
3. Press and hold “SETUP” until TV button blinks twice.
4. Enter 4 digit code from Appendix A.

Auto Program

– Use this method if TV or device code is not available or did not work:
1. Turn on TV and tune to correct channel.
2. Press “TV”
3. Press and hold “SETUP” until TV button blinks twice
4. Press “POWER” then “CHANNEL UP” one time.
The remote will go through a code every 5 sec. To speed up the process, arrow up until the TV shuts off.
5. Press “OK”.

Set Power Button

- In front of specific TV using the corresponding remote control:
1. TV should be ON.
2. Press “STB”
3. Press and hold “SETUP” until STB button blinks twice
4. Press “POWER” then “1”

To Reset the Remote

– This will allow the TV remote to factory reset: 
1.Press and hold the "STB" button until it flashes the "record" button



Entone NOVA Remote

·        In the event that the remote fails and that a swap is required, it is possible to use a USB keyboard to control the STB temporarily.*

Remote doesn't work with the STB

It may happen from time to time that a customer is unable to control the STB with his NOVA remote. This is due to missing code in the STB's firmware (older version of the firmware). To rectify the situation:

1.    Confirm that the customer HAS a NOVA remote control

2.    Verify that the blue LED in front of the STB does flash whenever a button is pressed on the remote but nothing changes on the screen

3.    Press and hold the reset switch on the side of the STB (right next to the SD slot) for 15 - 20 seconds

4.    TV will appear to be doing nothing after releasing reset. Wait about 30 seconds. The box should turn itself off.

5.    Advise the customer to wait while the STB downloads the latest version of the firmware ( The customer will see something like this: Firmwareupgrade-stb.jpg

6.    The STB will power cycle on its own a few times. Wait until it tunes in to channel 1 ("Press Menu to begin")

Programming Universal Remote function

Entone NOVA Remote Auto-Program Guide

1.Turn on your device. 
2.On the remote control, press the corresponding device Control key (TV/ STB/DVD/AUX) to choose the device mode. 
3.Press and hold “Setup” key until the LED blinks twice. 
4.Press number keys “9” - “9” - “1”. 
5.Press “Power” key. 
6.Press “CH +” key repeatedly until your device turns off. 
7.Press and hold “Setup” key until LED blinks twice to save the working code. 

Entone Nova Remote Manual Program Guide

1. Locate the device code for your device in the Device Codes table provided in the Appendix starting on page 11. If you cannot find the device code for your device or it does not work after trying the listed device codes for your device brand, then you can try the auto search on page 7. 
2. Turn on your device.
3. On the remote control, press the Device Control key (i.e. TV/STB/DVD/AUX) to choose the device mode. 
4. Press the "SETUP" key and the LED blinks twice. 
5. Enter the five-digit device code for your device. If you perform this procedure correctly, the LED will blink twice. Otherwise, it has a long blink. 
6. Press "Power" key. If your device turns off, setup is complete. 
7. If your device does not turn off. repeat this procedure using the next code for your device brand. 

Universal Remote manual

Remote configuration manual: 


To Factory reset the remote you will need to follow these steps
1. Take the batteries out of the remote wait 2 minutes and place them back in.


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