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Sound Issues

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Sound Issues

Troubleshooting Steps

Check Input Setting (Component/RCA only)

It's possible the customer may have accidentally connected the audio cables to the wrong input

Have the customer check that the cables are properly connected.

Is the TV/STB On Mute/Low Volume?

One of the main reasons why customers would not be able to hear well would be if their TV/STB was set on mute/low volume. It is important to check this before doing anything else.

Have the customer press the volume-up button on their TV & STB to raise it to an acceptable level, then test.

Does The Issue Occur On All Channels?

Finding out if this happens on all channels or not can help us rule out customer equipment as being at fault and is also essential when escalating.

Have the customer cycle through channels and see if the issue is ever-present.

Does The Issue Occur With All Connected Devices?

This test could prove that the TV itself has issues with audio output.

Have the customer play a DVD from a DVD player or turn on a game console to see if the sound issues persist.

Is The STB Connected Directly To The TV?

If the STB is sending its signal through another device before reaching the television (HDMI splitter, amplifier, etc) we need to remove these from the sequence so that we can rule out that equipment as being at fault.

Have the customer plug the STB directly to the television using the HDMI/RCA/Component cable(s).

Isolate The STB To The Modem

We want to see if the PLC or the customer’s router could be causing their issue.

Unplug all other devices and plug the STB directly to their modem using an Ethernet cable.


Try The Other Inputs On The TV

We need to make sure that the television input is not what is causing the issue.

Have the customer plug the STB to another input of the television and test that one.

Try Another Output Method From The STB

We do this because we want to see if the STB will send a signal to the Television using one of the alternate output methods (RCA/Component)

Using one of the alternate output cables that came with the STB, have the customer connect it to their TV and powercycle the STB

Note: Some televisions do not have HDMI input. If a customer has no HDMI on their TV, you can suggest the customer purchase an HDMI to Component adapter. This will allow them to use the HDMI output on the STB and still have the correct connection on their TV

60 Second Modem & STB Powercycle

Just like any electronic equipment, sometimes giving the device a “fresh” connection to the network allows it to sort out any bugs that it may have.

Power off both the customer’s modem & STB, wait 60 seconds, power up the modem first, once light status is good, power up the STB.

Try Another Cable

HDMI and Component Video cables, much like Ethernet cables, are mass-produced wires. We cannot assume that a cable is working perfectly if all other testing has failed.

Have the customer swap the HDMI/Component cable from the STB to their television. These cables can be purchased at any electronics shop and even, in some cases, the dollar store.

==IPTV Sound Issues Template==


-Has this service ever worked?


-Is the TV on mute/low volume?

-Does this occur on all channels (if not, which channels)?

-Is the STB plugged directly to the television?

-Have you tried the other inputs on the TV?

-Have you tried another output method from the STB?

-Isolate STB to modem?

-60 second modem & STB powercycle?

-Try another HDMI cable?

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