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Missing Channels

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Missing Channels

Troubleshooting Steps

Is the channel in the customer’s package?

Before troubleshooting this issue, we need to make sure that the missing channel is actually part of the package the customer has subscribed to. 
Confirm the customer's subscribed package and add-ons in your system, then visit your website to confirm that missing channel is part of the customer’s subscribed package.

Some channels are region specific.
For example: Quebec subscribers have access to channels such as "Vie", "Casa" and "CinePop". If a customer moves from Quebec to Ontario, these channels will no longer be available as they only broadcast within Quebec.

Is the guide displaying subscribed programming?

The guide can be configured to display certain channels by category: SD, HD, All, Subscribed. We want to make sure that the customer’s subscribed programming is what’s being displayed in the guide. 
• Open the guide by pressing the “Guide” button
• Press “Guide” button until “Subscribed” is listed above the on-screen date

Parental Controls

IMPORTANT: Only share Parental Control information with authorized account users. 
Sometimes customers put filters or controls in-place to prevent access to certain types of programming. We need to make sure that this feature is off just in case it is preventing your customer from trying to access their programming. 
• Press “Menu” button 
• Navigate to “Settings”, press “OK” button
• Un-check “Channel Blocking” and “Parental Control” if any of them are selected
• Click on “Submit” to save changes

60 second modem & STB powercycle?

Just like any electronic equipment, sometimes giving the device a “fresh” connection to the network allows it to update or get any missing information it may need. 
Power off both the customer’s modem & IPTV box, wait 60 seconds, power up the modem first, once light status is good, power up the STB. 



Clear Local Cache (Video On Demand)

The cache is a place on your hard disk where the browser keeps things that it downloaded in case they’re needed again. The cache has a limit of how big it can get. Essentially, when the cache gets full, the items in it that haven’t been used in a while are discarded to make room for whatever new items you’re looking at now. Although in some cases it can happen that that process blocks and you have to force the cache to clear itself. 
Have the customer clear the local cache in the VOD by highlighting a movie in the list, then pressing the Blue button on the remote this will force the refresh. 


==IPTV Missing Channels Template==


-Has this service ever worked?


-Is the channel in the customer's package?

-Is the guide displaying subscribed programming?

-Are parental controls turned off?

-60 second modem & STB powercycle?

-Clear Local Cache(VOD)?


*** For VOD Issues Only ***

Movie / show tittle:

Date and time of when they tried to access it:

Mac :


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