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Boot-up Issue

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Boot-Up Issue

Troubleshooting Steps

Which Step did it freeze at?

We need to know which of the 20 initialization steps it freezes at. For example:
3/20 - DHCP issue (Not receiving an IP) 
11/20 - Routing issue (Has an IP but does not have internet)
16/20 - Error timed out by staying on 11 for too long (Make sure port 4446 is open)
17/20 - Error timed out by staying on 11 for too long (Make sure port 4446 is open) 
Ask the customer which step is the TV stuck on.

Is the customer’s STB connected at home or did they bring it elsewhere?

The STB will only work with approved IP addresses. Some customers might even have issues if they are connected through a VPN. 
Ask the customer.

Try a different Ethernet cable

Ethernet cables are mass-produced in some factory and are never tested before being shipped. There is always a possibility that an Ethernet cable is causing communication issues. 
Have the customer swap the Ethernet cable from the modem to the STB. These cables can be purchased at any electronics shop and even, in most cases, the dollar store.

60 second modem & STB powercycle?

Just like any electronic equipment, sometimes giving the device a “fresh” connection to the network allows it to sort out any bugs that it may have. 
Power off both the customer’s modem & STB, wait 60 seconds, power up the modem first, once light status is good, power up the STB.

Note: If the customer has a cable internet connection, complete a factory reset on the cable modem (by removing the coax cable for 90seconds) while it is connected to the STB.

What is the customer Public IP?

To ensure that the IP is listing as an approved IP address. 
Ask the customer to go to or ipconfig/all in the command prompt.



Isolate STB To Modem

We want to see if the PLC or the customer’s router could be causing their issue. 
Unplug all other devices and plug the STB directly to their modem using an Ethernet cable.

Do they have more than 1 STB?

To Isolate the fault to either STB issue or signal issue 
Check Services TAB in DAS or ask the customer

If yes, are the others working?

Ask the customer to test the other TVs

NOTE: this is only applicable if they have multiple TVs


==IPTV Boot-Up Issue Template==


-Has this service ever worked?


-Which Step did it freeze at (i.e. 3/20, ENTONE Logo etc.)?

-Is the customer's STB connected at home or did he bring it elsewhere?

-Try a different Ethernet cable?

-60 second modem & STB powercycle?

-What is the customer’s Public IP?

-Isolate STB to Modem?

-Do they have more than 1 STB?

-If yes, are the others working?

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