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The CABLE-RF (Radio Frequency) Template (available in the Attachments below) should be used in a case where the modem lights (and modem levels found in the modem interface) show a signal issue or if the customer notes that speeds are lower than usual (caused by low signal levels only).

Please note that intermittent connectivity issues will require the modem logs before performing a factory reset of the device. Specifications of proper signals are as follows:

Modem Power: Rx ( Downstream / Forward Path ) Modem Power: Tx ( Upstream / Return Path ) Signal to Noise ( SNR )
Between: -11 dBmV to +11 dBmV Between: +35 dBmV to +52 dBmV Greater than: 25 dB

NOTE For both Intermittent and Permanent RF the same template can be used, however it needs to be noted which one it is.

-Install Completed by Carrier Technician:
-Active in Reseller Portal:
-Intermittent or Permanent RF:
-1-minute Power cycle:
-Was the modem location moved since install:
-Is there any coax splitters before the modem:
-Confirmed that the modem is NOT in standby mode:
-Attempted Modem factory reset:
-Is the clients Cable T.V working:
-Did the Customer place a request to Cancel their Cable T.V:

-What are the customer's modem levels:(This is only required for customers who reside in Ontario. Important: Please ensure you provide the details as they are displayed in the modem, for DOCSIS3, please provide all channels.)

-What are the customer's modem Event logs: (This is only required for Intermittent RF issue. If able to obtain for Permanent RF you can supply them)

Power(State and Color):
Receive(State and Color):
Send(State and Color):
Online(State and Color):
PC/Act(State and Color):
Standby(State and Color):

==DCM 425==
Message(State and Color):
Cable Activity(State and Color):
Cable Link(State and Color):
PC Link(State and Color):
Internet(State and Color):

Power(State and Color):
DS(State and Color):
US(State and Color):
Online(State and Color):
Link(State and Color):


Contact Number:
Customer availability (2 days after today's date & requires 3):
1st Availability:
2nd Availability:
3rd Availability:

***Confirm understanding that the customer will receive a call prior to the appointment to confirm their availability. If the call is not answered, the appointment will be canceled:

==NOTES== (Please include detailed notes of what troubleshooting was done to help restore the customer's service)

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