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CABLE - DHCP Template

This CABLE-DHCP Template (available in the Attachments below) should be used in a case where the customer’s modem appears to be online, however, the computer is receiving a self-assigned IP (169.254.x.x).
This template assumes that RF signal levels have been verified and are within specification (RF Template) because an RF issue would take priority over this template.

IMPORTANT - An "ipconfig /release" and then "ipconfig /renew" need to be done on every DHCP troubleshooting call.

-Install Completed by Carrier Technician:
-Active in Reseller Portal:
-Customer is isolated PC to Modem:
-2 minute Power cycle:
-Swapped Ethernet Cable:
-Tried different PC(if possible):
-IP Address /when COAX removed:
-Confirmed that the modem is NOT in standby mode:
-Attempted Modem factory reset:

-What are the customer's modem levels for all channels: (This is only required for customers who reside in Ontario. Important: Please ensure you provide the details as they are displayed in the modem, for DOCSIS3, please provide all channels.)

-What are the customer's modem Event logs:

== Release/Renew ==
ipconfig /release:
ipconfig /renew:

== ipconfig /all ==
-IP Address:
-Default Gateway:
-NIC Mac Address:
-Operating System:

-tracert (with full results):

== Motorola Surfboard ==
Power(State and Color):
Receive(State and Color):
Send(State and Color):
Online(State and Color):
PC/Act(State and Color):
Standby(State and Color):

== DCM 425 ==
Message(State and Color):
Cable Activity(State and Color):
Cable Link(State and Color):
PC Link(State and Color):
Internet(State and Color):

== DCM475/DCM476/MT130U/TC4300/HITRON ==
Power(State and Color):
DS(State and Color):
US(State and Color):
Online(State and Color):
Link(State and Color):


Contact Number:
Customer availability (2 days after today's date, 3 required):
1st Availability:
2nd Availability:
3rd Availability:

***Confirm understanding that the customer will receive a call prior to the appointment to confirm their availability. If the call is not answered, the appointment will be cancelled:

== NOTES == (Please include detailed notes of what troubleshooting was done to help restore the customer's service)

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