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DSL - TIME OUT Template

This DCL - TIME OUT Template (available in the Attachments below) should be used when a customer is expierencing a Time Out.
A true "Time Out" issue is considered a case where the customer's modem shows sync but the Upstream and/or Downstream block count values do not move or remain at 0.

Some equipment types may not display the correct block count information. In these cases, if the modem has SYNC but the username is not showing as authenticated this could also indicate a "Time Out".

If this is a DSL-only customer, make sure that the client did not press reset on the modem and that it's configured with correct PPPoE credentials for the customer's account.

IMPORTANT: If a customer is on an ADSL profile but paying for a VDSL service, you must use a slow speeds template to escalate the issue to the carrier. You may leave the template blank but include in the comments "Raise to best". Be sure to setup both ATM and PTM interfaces of a SmartRG 505n modem so that the customer can at least be connected to the internet while the profile correction is pending.

-Removed personal router:
-2 minuet Power cycle
-PPPoE username:
-Modem reset and reconfigured PPPoE credentials on modem or client devices:

-Can connect to test network? (username: test@test password: test)
-IP address (10.x.x.x):
-Ping 10.x.x.x(please provide full results):
-Re-programed original PPPoE Credentials:

-Advise of CPE/DMC:

Customer Contact Number:
Customer Availability - (AM, PM, EVE):

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