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DSL - NO SYNC Template

This DCL - NO SYNC Template (available in the Attachments below) should be used when a customer's modem shows no acquired signal from the infrastructure (Status or DSL light remains off).

If the customer explains that the light flashes regularly and/or sometimes becomes solid, please use the Intermittent Sync template

-How many Jacks:
-Has it worked before:
-Dial tone at Jack:
-Phone plugged into correct jack in wall and on modem:
-Phone cable 5ft or less:
-Tried other phone cable:
-Tried all phone jacks:
-Remove all filters or splitters before modem:
-All phones filtered (Regular DSL Only):
-Unplug all devices except modem (Regular DSL Only):
-Any changes (electrical storm, bell work in area, renovations):
-Repeat problem (paste previous ticket #):

-Advise of CPE/DMC (Yes or No):

Customer Contact Number:
Customer Availability - (AM, PM, EVE):

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