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DSL - MAPPING Template

This DCL-MAPPING Template (available in the Attachments below) should be used for customers whose Bell Lantern profile is showing no sync but the customer is able to browse (may complain about slow speeds). 

If the modem’s DSL or status light is off while Lantern profile shows as “in service”, always open a “No Sync” ticket. The customer's service operation takes priority over improper Lantern results.

You generally open a ticket in the following situations:
• Modem is in Sync but the Sync Rate tool in Bell Portal shows Out of Service
• Sync Rate Tool State Change does not reflect the modem being power cycled
• Customer is getting poor speeds but the Sync Rate Tool does not return any information at all


-Copy & Paste Lantern Status:

-ANAC the line (Area Code-958-2580):

• Ask the customer to be connected directly into a phone jack. Dial (Customer's Area Code)-958-2580.
• If the output does not match the customer dry-loop or DSL number, they are not connected to the correct jack or the service was not setup properly. In your ticket, ensure that you enter the number that was given when the line was ANAC'd

-Copy & Paste Lantern Status:

-Advise of CPE/DMC (Yes or No):

Customer Contact Number:
Customer Availability (AM, PM, EVE):

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