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The CABLE-SLOW SPEEDS Template (available in the Attachments below) should be used for customers who note a drop in transfer speeds of at least 60%-80% on a consistent basis. If this happens mostly during peak usage times ( 6:00pm EST to 11:00 pm EST).

This template assumes that RF signal levels have been verified and are within specification (see RF template) as an RF issue would take priority over this template. Troubleshooting for this template should be done while the modem is directly connected to a computer via a network cable and not ever over a router or WiFi.

-Install Completed by Carrier Technician:
-Active in Reseller Portal:
-Customer is isolated PC to Modem:
-Customer uses Torrents/P2P:
-2 minute Power cycle:
-Attempted Modem factory reset:
-Are the speeds bad at all times or certain hours:
-How long has this issue been occurring for:
-Hardcode DNS settings:

-What are the customer's modem levels: (This is only required for customers who reside in Ontario. Important: Please ensure you provide the details as they are displayed in the modem, for DOCSIS3, please provide all channels.

-What are the customer's modem Event logs:

-Performed Speedtest (Toronto server if Ontario client and Montreal server if Quebec client):
-Try with another PC (if possible):

-Provide the speedtest.bat file results from our Cable Internet speed tool: (PC Version)
or (MAC Version)

If the speedtest.bat file fails for any reason (PC or MAC version), you will have to manually run the tests and then copy and paste the full command prompt results into a text file and attach that text file to your ticket. Each test command is noted below.

-ping results to the customer computer (-n 50 after the customer IP will run the test 50 times as required by the carrier):
-ping -n 50:
-ping -n 50:

== ipconfig /all ==
-IP Address:
-Default Gateway:
-NIC Mac Address:
-Operating System:

Power(State and Color):
Receive(State and Color):
Send(State and Color):
Online(State and Color):
PC/Act(State and Color):
Standby(State and Color):

== DCM 425 ==
Message(State and Color):
Cable Activity(State and Color):
Cable Link(State and Color):
PC Link(State and Color):
Internet(State and Color):

== DCM475/DCM476/MT130U/TC4300/HITRON ==
Power(State and Color):
DS(State and Color):
US(State and Color):
Online(State and Color):
Link(State and Color):


Contact Number:
Customer availability (2 days after today's date & requires 3):
1st Availability:
2nd Availability:
3rd Availability:

***Confirm understanding that the customer will receive a call prior to the appointment to confirm their availability. If the call is not answered, the appointment will be cancelled:

==NOTES== (Please include detailed notes of what troubleshooting was done to help restore the customer's service)

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