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Internet Wholesale Escalation Chart


The following escalation chart can be used to follow-up on any repair ticket, service call, connectivity or equipment issues post installation with our Business Technical Support Specialists. For any other inquiry related to sign-up, installations and pending hardware requisitions, please contact your business representative.


Hours of operation:

Monday- Friday 8 a.m. — 8 p.m. EST


1st Level Contact: Open Repair Ticket

Response time: Receipt acknowledgment response to ticket within 4 business hours. Subsequent updates provided every 12 business hours or less.


2nd Level Contact: 1-866-928-4465 (option 3 for Support then 3 for Wholesale Internet Support)

To be used if there was no reply within the 1st contact response times.

Response time: Immediate live agent.


3rd Level Contact:

To be used if:

1.) No response within 12 business hours from Contact 1.

2.) No live agents available on Contact 2.


4th Level Contact: Supervisor – Business Technical Support


Phone: 866-716-0626

To be used if no response was provided within the specified time frames listed under Contact 1, 2 and 3. Response time is within 4 hours of receiving the information.


Outage reporting:

If a Re-seller reports having multiple issues with at least 5 customers, this would be considered a possible outage. The Re-seller is to create an email and send it to, with a minimum of 5 accounts and provide details about the troubleshooting completed with the customers (Account number, troubleshooting done, behavior, etc.). The Re-seller is then to follow the escalation chart, but starting at 2nd Contact. Confirmation will be given for the receipt of the information and the Re-seller will be informed that issue will be escalated to the appropriate carrier.

NOTE: Any individual tickets still require full troubleshooting (with the proper template for each of them being used) and will then be escalated to the carrier on an individual basis.

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