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Failover(Binding and SureCall) SIP response code triggers

A SIP trunk binding doesn't have to be down(Not responding to keep alive options) for surecall to kick in, a PBX just needs to sends one of the below SIP codes and we will unconditionally forward the call to the supplied surecall number.

The following list are SIP responses codes that will trigger unavailable call forward (which means Surecall on a PBX with DIDs that have it enabled):

404 (Not Found)

408 (Request Timeout)

410 (Gone)

413 (Request Entity Too Large)

414 (Request-URI Too Long)

415 (Unsupported Media Type)

416 (Unsupported URI Scheme)

417 (Unknown Resource-Priority)

420 (Bad Extension)

421 (Extension Required)

423 (Interval Too Brief)

485 (Ambiguous)

493 (Undecipherable)

500 (Server Internal Error)

502 (Bad Gateway)

503 (Service Unavailable)

504 (Server Time-out)

505 (Version Not Supported)

513 (Message Too Large)

Please note that for the list above, it's the code that is important and not the definition in (). The ones there are the standard definition to give an idea what the SIP response code represents.

The following code MUST be accompanied with this specific definition or it won't trigger the unavailable call forward:

480 No Routes Found

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