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NxGen's IP Fax Services portal

If you are a Fax services reseller and are being billed by NxGen, then Nxgen can set you up with the NxGen IP Fax Services portal.

This portal will allow you to do a number of things as listed below.

  1. Retrieve sent faxes for the last 30days.
  2. Confirm if a rate centre (npa-nxx) supports VoIP.
  3. Confirm Fax to PDF Account Details for your numbers.
  4. Update the forwarding to email for your faxes.
  5. Add New Thinktel Fax2PDF or Fax&Scan Services.
  6. Order new ThinkTel ATA service.
  7. Delete accounts (Numbers)

Attached is a screenshot of the NxGen Portal.

If you would like more information on this portal please contact your Thinktel or NxGen Sales Rep.

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