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ThinkTel VoIP Test

For all choppy and poor audio calls. We require that you run or have your customer run the RTP simulation test(VoIP Test) using one of the URL's below.
Western Network at Eastern Network at

Best to have multiple records to help troubleshooting. Customer should run 3 test one after the other to confirm if internet is fluctuating/flapping.

The VoIP test will measure the internet quality at the end customer's location. Ensure that this test is run on the same internet connection that the phones are connected to (in case they have separate circuits for data and VoIP).

The test must be run when experiencing Call Quality Issues.

Poor internet quality is the most likely cause of audio issues. It can also be caused by someone on the same internet connection is using up the bandwidth i.e. downloading or streaming. For customer ease we suggest they bookmarks or leaves open in his browser.

After you have run the test. From the summary tab click on "Test audit report". This will bring you to Network Center, at the top of the page will be a test number. Please include this in the call record you supply.

Once you experience call quality issues and have run the voiptest send the below information to

Please also include calling (source) and called (destination) numbers, time (with time zone), date and results i.e. an echo, choppy, in which direction or on both. If you are changing your caller ID please include this with the calling number.

Test #:

Calling number:

Called number:

Time of call:



When did the issue first start?

Is the problem on incoming or outgoing calls or both?

Is the poor audio on all calls?

If intermittent. How often does it occur?

Does it happen at certain time of day?

Was anything changed before problems arose i.e. new router or assigned new IP from your internet provider?

Incomplete information can delay our troubleshooting efforts.

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