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uControl FAQs

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uControl Email Verification
uControl API Samples

911 contact info
911 Non Municipal Locations
Adding a Sub-User
Changing Channel Commit and/or Burst
Changing Hosted PBX Features
Changing uC Login password

Changing the Translated(Forwarding) Number.
Confirm Domestic & International rates
Confirm Service for hosted lines.
Delete a Number
How to check channel usage
How to check call records - Daily/Weekly/Monthly charges (Download CDRs)
How to Disable/Enable a voicemail on a BG/individual line.

Forwarding a DID with number translations or SureCall
How to use SureCall to apply an Unavailable Forward for DIDs using uControl

Move DID(s) from one trunk to another
Reusing a cancelled number
Ordering a DID
Ordering a Residential or Business Line.
PBX/Trunk IP - Adding new Binding
PBX/Trunk IP/Port/Password - Change
PBX/Trunk IP - Delete
HPBX - Confirm Hosted PBX Password
Provisioning a Device
Provisioned Device's Admin Password
Two digit provincial codes.
Updating contact Information (including the emails that we send notices to)
Updating Number Labels
Virtual Fax - Enable Print to Fax (Fax&Scan) on a Fax to inbox (Fax2PDF) line
Virtual Fax - How to update a Fax2PDF email address or password
Virtual Fax - Ordering a Fax to Inbox (Fax2PDF)
Virtual Fax - Ordering a Print to Fax (Fax&Scan)
Fax - Adding a DID to fax loopback trunk

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