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ThinkTel Technical Support & Maintenance (Demark, Escalation, MTTR)

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KB - SIP Trunking - Think Access - Troubleshooting - Provisioning Devices - uControl FAQs - Porting - Phone Services - Fax Services - Documents - IP Voice Services - Wholesale Internet Support - Zazeen Agent Support

Microsoft Lync Support - Hosted Lync Support - Think365 Lync Support - Think365 CloudVoice Support

SIP Trunking

How SIP Trunking works with Thinktel
Successful SIP PBX Interop's
SIP Authentication
Channel Commit/Burst and load balancing
Failover(Binding and SureCall) SIP response code triggers
Forwarding a DID with number translations or SureCall
SIP Error Codes
SIP Proxy Migration
Does Thinktel Support the use of Domain Name as opposed to IP.
How many IPs can I associate with my SIP Trunk.
I cannot receive calls. Outbound calls die after a few seconds.
Toll Fraud on your SIP Trunk.
What is a pilot number used for on my SIP Trunk?

PBX Gateways
Call drop with Epygi PBX
Grandstream GXE issues

Asterisk Trixbox CallWeaver
Asterisk & DTMF
Asterisk/Trixbox Trunk sample config
I just get dead air on inbound call to my Asterisk server occasionally.
Low volume on voicemail
One way audio on our TrixBox

3CX PBX - How to disable Registration
Freeswitch sample config.
Xten Lite & Eyebeam Softphone configuration.

Think Access

Think Access Brochure

Access FAQs
I have an issue with Think Access, how do I contact ThinkTel Support?
What information do in need to provide when calling or creating a ticket to report an issue?
How can I increase the bandwidth of my Think Access service?


Double Ringing effect
I get no ringback tone when calling even though the phone is ringing - why?
Password Requirements

Caller ID
I receive no caller ID name on my Rogers Wireless handset

Call Completion
Cannot receive calls
No dial tone
SNOM phones cannot receive or make calls on my PPPOE internet connection.

Call Quality
Computer applications that can affect voice quality.
My calls sound choppy.
Rogue echo during call.
VoIP Calls, Bandwidth Calculator
What main factors can affect call quality?
What should my Quality of Service settings be?

Dropped Calls
Call drop with Epygi PBX
Call are Dropping but only sometimes.
Calls are Dropping after a few seconds of being answered.
Calls drop 15 minutes into call.
Calls drop 30 seconds into call.
Calls drop 50 minutes into a call.
Calls drop after 1-2 hours on every call
Dropped calls when using a Sonicwall 2040
Dropped calls when using a Juniper firewall

Routers & Firewalls
Dlink modems provided by Telus

Toll Free
Inbound Caller ID is wrong on my Toll Free numbers
Calls to Toll free numbers are not completing
Toll Free number is NIS from a Thinktel number.

Provisioning Devices

I have an IP phone/ATA that I would like to peer to Thinktel. How do I do that?
Provisioning Guide Cisco
Provisioning Guide Linksys SPA
How do I factory reset my ATA and reprovision it?
How do I factory reset my Linksys or Cisco phone and reprovision it?
How to reconnect your Linksys/Cisco phone to ThinkTel without factory resetting
How to update your SIP password on a Linksys/Cisco phone that is not connected with our provisioning server.

uControl FAQs

uControl Email Verification
uControl API Samples

911 contact info
911 Non Municipal Locations
Adding a Sub-User
Changing Channel Commit and/or Burst
Changing Hosted PBX Features
Changing uC Login password

Changing the Translated(Forwarding) Number.
Confirm Domestic & International rates
Confirm Service for hosted lines
Delete a Number
How to check channel usage
How to check call records - Daily/Weekly/Monthly charges (Download CDRs)
How to Disable/Enable a voicemail on a BG/individual line.

Forwarding a DID with number translations or SureCall
How to use SureCall to apply an Unavailable Forward for DIDs using uControl

Move DID(s) from one trunk to another
Reusing a cancelled number
Ordering a DID
Ordering a Residential or Business Line
PBX/Trunk IP - Adding new Binding
PBX/Trunk IP/Port/Password - Change
PBX/Trunk IP - Delete
HPBX - Confirm Hosted PBX Password
Provisioning a Device
Provisioned Device's Admin Password
Two digit provincial codes.
Updating contact Information (including the emails that we send notices to)
Updating Number Labels
Virtual Fax - Enable Print to Fax (Fax&Scan) on a Fax to inbox (Fax2PDF) line
Virtual Fax - How to update a Fax2PDF email address or password
Virtual Fax - Ordering a Fax to Inbox (Fax2PDF)
Virtual Fax - Ordering a Print to Fax (Fax&Scan)
Fax - Adding a DID to fax loopback trunk


How do I request a number(s) to be ported to Thinktel
How to confirm number portability to ThinkTel.

Phone Services

N11 Sevices
Access Codes for Call Services
Call Barring
Hosted PBX - Phone Services
International Long Distance
Mandatory Account Codes
SIP Phone Manuals
ThinkTel's 911 Testing Procedure

Call Forwarding
Forwarding services for Hosted lines
Forwarding services for PBX’s and DID’s
How to use SureCall to apply an Unavailable Forward for DIDs using uControl
Surecall SIP response code triggers

Easy Attendant
Access Numbers for Easy Attendant IVR
Easy Attendant User Guide
How to make modifications to your Easy Attendant recordings:

Restricted Services
Blocked International Destinations
Collect calls
Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota Calling Restriction

Voice mail
*98 Voice Mail Guide
*98 and Self-Care passwords
How to check your Voicemail

Setting up Busy/Out of office messages
Setting up your "Outside Business hours" schedule
Applying call forwarding

Fax Services

Types of Virtual Faxing
Print to Fax (Fax&Scan) Setup
Confirm Fax&Scan setting
Software Requirements for Connector for Microsoft Fax and Windows Fax and Scan
Sending a fax via your virtual fax email.
Sending an Email as a fax with Fax&Scan
Sending Documents with Fax&scan (Virtual Fax)
Testing Fax completion
Types of files that can be sent as fax attachments
NxGen 's ATA Set up guide
Support for the T.38 Protocol
Fax - Adding a DID to fax loopback trunk


uControl API Samples
Request incident report_Request RFO.
Easy Attendant User Guide
*98 Voice Mail Guide
SIP Phone Manuals
Successful SIP PBX Interops

Adding a number to a 411 directory

Addendum 911 Disabled
Addendum 911 Enabled
911 Non Municipal Locations
Critical 911 formatted
ThinkTel's 911 Testing Procedure

IP Voice Services

Local 10 Digit dialing

ATA Devices
Is my Linksys/Sipura SPA3102 supported by your company?

What are the supported codecs?
How do I force uncompressed or compressed audio on my Linksys ATA adapter?

IP Phones
Astra IP Phone service is up and down.

Wholesale Internet Support

Microsoft Lync Support

Access "Outlook voice access set up" for Hosted Lync from a phone
Answer and make calls for a response group in Lync 2010
Answer or decline a call
Audio Device settings
Call forward and simultaneous ring
Adding My Team-Call Group members to simring multiple users
Change your presence status
Change your work hours and days in Outlook
Configuring Microsoft Outlook to Connect to Hosted Exchange Service (PDF)
Control access to your presence information
Dropped Lync Calls after approximately 50 minutes
Edit a phone number
FAQ about audio quality
FAQ about voice
How to check your Lync Voicemail
Install & Configure Microsoft Lync 2010 Client and Desk Phones (PDF)
Lync 2010 recording format
Make a phone call
Make a video call
Manage recordings in Lync Recording Manager
Perform as someone's delegate
Prepare a picture for Lync 2010
Quick Start: Use voice and video
Record and play back meetings
Select the method for configuring your connection settings
Set Advanced Phone Integration options
Set Alerts options
Set Call Forwarding options
Set File Saving options
Set Lync recording options
Set Phones options and numbers
Set Ringtones and Sounds options
Set Video Device options
Start a conference call
Transfer calls
Troubleshooting recording issues
Unable to log in to the Microsoft Lync desktop client
Use remote call control (RCC)
Use voice mail
Using Lync Recording Player
Using the Save and Publish dialog boxes

Frequently Asked Questions
Can multiple users share ONE Lync user account
How do I configure incoming calls to ring on my computer speakers when I have a USB device connected?
How do I set up my audio and video devices?
How do I switch between USB devices?
What operating systems are supported for Lync 2010?

How to Videos
Add voice to an instant message (Video)
Find Missed Conversations (Video)
Call - Answer A Call (Brief Video)
Call - Answer/Decline a call using lync 20010 (Video)
Call - Make a call using your Dialpad( Video)
Call -Make a Call from your contact list (Video)
Voice Mail - Change your voice mail greeting and options (Video)
Voice Mail - Check your voice mail (Video)
Forwarding - Forward all Calls (Video)
Forwarding - SetUp SimRing (Video)

Hosted Lync Support

Access "Outlook voice access set up" for Hosted Lync from a phone
Hosted Lync Firewall Ports for Client Networks
Outlook Web App

Think365 Lync Support

Think365 Documents
Office 365/Exchange Online Setup

Think365 Portal User Guide

Think365 Phone Manuals
Think365 - Polycom CX500 Setup

Think365 CloudVoice Support

Think365 Documents
Think365 CloudVoice Support

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